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Next Generation Communications Community
Next Generation Communications Community

Welcome to the all new TechZine — the Alcatel-Lucent e-magazine.

TechZine and Enriching Communications have merged to bring you one publication to address all your business and technology needs. Whether you are in the office or on the go, the new ezine has been re-designed to look great on all devices.

So, take a few minutes, read an article, listen to a podcast or watch a video. Discover trends in business, technology, research and development, new concepts, innovations, and news relevant to the global communications industry.

Check out the latest articles below:

To create stronger bonds with connected consumers, service providers need a better understanding of how consumers define identity and decide whom to trust when they go online.

A growing consumer appetite for VoD services will overwhelm the residential broadband networks many service providers use today.

As commercial deployment of very high speed digital subscriber line 2 (VDSL2) vectoring technology ramps up, 3 innovations are helping communication service providers (CSPs) address key challenges.

How can we make public services smarter, more efficient, more accessible and more productive?

The increasing adoption of Long Term Evolution (LTE) and small cells is driving a fundamental shift in how mobile network operators (MNOs) approach mobile backhaul.


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