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Charging Forward With LTE - Julien Grivolas
Charging Forward With LTE - Julien Grivolas
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Monetization and Cost Planning - Julien Grivolas
Monetization and Cost Planning - Julien Grivolas
[9:20] - Download MP3 (5.36MB)
LTE Analysis and Design Considerations - Rob Falkner
LTE Analysis and Design Considerations - Rob Falkner
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LTE Planning Triggers Cost Transformation Efforts - Rob Falkner
LTE Planning Triggers Cost Transformation Efforts - Rob Falkner
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Case Studies

AlpTransit Gotthard, Switzerland
On Track with World's Longest Railway Tunnel
The ASSSM consolidates its communication network
using Alcatel-Lucent VOIP solutions
Transgene mobilizes its research activities
through VoIP and WiFi from Alcatel-Lucent


Smart Grid

IP Network

Application Enablement

Mitigating Risk
How Network Providers (NPs) can Effectively Partner with Application and Content Providers (ACPs)
Delivering a Compelling Online Experience
Application enablement keeps network providers at the forefront of consumer demand
App Stores and Developer Programs Everywhere
What is the right application enablement approach for you?
Profiting from Mobile Data Growth
Delivering On-demand QoS Upgrades Through Application Enablement
Driving the Application Explosion
Implications for Network Providers - Challenges and Recommnedations
Assessing Cloud Computing
Challenges and Opportunities for Network Providers

End-to-End LTE

Targeted Investment in Broadband Infrastructure
Addressing key issues for revitalizing the United States economy and regaining broadband leadership
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009:
Leveraging Broadband Stimulus for IPTV services in lower-density markets

Dynamic Enterprise

Dynamic Communications for Public Safety
Increase responsiveness everywhere to enhance safety for everyone
Alcatel-Lucent Triple-Play Service over Existing Copper
End-to-end Voice, HSIA, Video and IPTV Solution over Existing CAT3 Infrastructure for Hotels


Content to go: Enabling a multi-screen digital lifestylee
High quality multimedia content anywhere on any device
The Multi-Screen Experience: A Global Overview of Consumer Demand
Understanding Demand for Multimedia Services to Streamline and Prioritize Service Delivery
Multi-Screen in Demand: Consumer Interest in Cross Screen Services
Learn how consumer demand for cross screen services with high QoE is driving the evolution of multimedia experience
Global Multi-Screen Advertising - Qualitative Findings
Leverage Increased Network Traffic to Monetize Content via New Services and Applications
Creating an Effective Mobile Advertising Ecosystem
How can new media business models foster innovation and cooperation between device, service and application providers
Mobile Smartloading: Enabling Smarter Delivery of Mobile Video
Simplify Multi Channel Content Delivery and Improve QoS
IMS Integrated IPTV with Multi-screen Foundation: Delivering content with enriched communication across different end user devices
Why is NGN Integrated IPTV the right option for optimizing video entertainment delivery over IP networks
IPTV and IMS in Next-Generation Networks: Choosing the right approach for IPTV integration
IMS-Integrated or IMS-Based IPTV - How can Service Providers choose the right approach to improve IPTV performance and QoE

Managing Transformation

Extracting More Value From the Network
Why service providers should start the evolution to a High Leverage Network™ today - and how they can do it
Switzerland's number two mobile player transforms its business model by focusing on its core business and increasing its operational efficiency
Orange Switzerland leverages network outsourcing to increase operational efficiencies and network quality
Island of Life - Planning In-Building Continuity for LTE and Beyond
Best Practices for designing in-building, small cell coverage in light of LTE and current trends in the mobile market.
Vodafone Qatar Transforms the Mobile Landscape with and End-to-End Multi-standard Managed Services Partnership with Alcatel-Lucent
How did Alcatel-Lucent Managed Services help Vonafone Qatar enter the mobile market with competitive next-generation services
Services Quality Management Beyond the Network - Mgd E2E Service Ops: Improving competitiveness with services-centric managed end-to-end service operations for a managed quality of experience
What are the key challenges of moving from network level management to service level management and how doe this shift impact quality metrics?
Next Generation Managed Services: The Key to Business Transformation
Use managed services to simplify and standardize network planning, deployment and management
Managing OPEX while Delivering 1000s of Apps
Rampant demand for new services and applications and the emergence of non-traditional competitors are driving CSPs to revisit their business strategies
Optimization - Secrets to Network Success: Small Changes Deliver Big Results
How can network tools assess and analyze data flows down to the subscriber and device, to help meet network KPIs?
Responding Today, Ready for the Future
Maintaining advantage during the global economic downturn
Freeing Up Cash Flow by Changing Cost Structures - Moving to OPEX Reductions of More than 10 Percent
Optimize your network to improve QoS, increase performance and reduce operating costs
Transforming to a Sustainable Wireless Business Model - Building optimized strategies for LTE
Utilize Alcatel-Lucent's comprehensive approach for planning, deployment, optimization and ongoing management of 4G LTE networks

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